WildAge is a full-service Digital Creative Agency committed to providing a complete suite of creative solutions and services tailored to meet business goals and brand strategies. Expect the unexpected as we deliver creativity to transform and elevate each brand based on its unique story, drawing from our experience in the unpredictable and constantly changing trends.

Our Team

Meet the Wildest Crew

We are WildAge

Founded in 2008, WildAge has evolved from a simple design studio to now; the preferred digital creative agency of choice for our clients and partners

As of today, we serve recognised brands and organisations in the Asia market, delivering our work in world-class standards

Our culture

At WildAge, we are young at heart. We believe in the open culture that is fair, flat and very fluid

Everyone works together; we are a set of wild creative talent to keep your ideas moving

Keep your ideas moving

WildAge has grown talents and skillsets that scale across the creative spectrum. Our services are designed to help maximise every clients' potential and drive their brand in the market

Our Team

Meet the Wildest Crew