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Who Is WildAge?

WildAge is a creative agency based in Malaysia that specialises in advertising and promotion (A&P) across all of today’s media, both modern and traditional. As a full-service creative agency, we have done work in various industries across both public and private sectors in B2B and B2C communications (take a look at our portfolio).

We believe that just like in the rainforest jungles or the savannah wilderness, all of us are engaged in a struggle to survive. The global reach of the Internet and the international scope of business today contribute to the competitiveness of the marketplace. Thriving in this environment means carving a unique identity for ourselves; a niche in the wider market. For that, we need to show outstanding talents, skills, strength and a commitment to success and to our clients. Being a full-service Malaysian creative agency, we aim to help your organisation –achieve your long-term marketing and branding goals.

We plan, we design and we execute marketing campaigns that are both brilliant and effective. We bring our own unique expertise and abilities to the table, calling on our partners’ resources as needed to make sure everything turns out perfectly. Our team of bright, young, capable individuals will be as busy as beavers working with you, from constructing our proposal to howling our success after the work is complete. We take pride in saying that we are one of the most meticulous creative agencies around – but don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our client list.

Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)
All good things are wild, and free.
Where ideas run WILD

Our Philosophy & Aspiration

We intend to elevate ourselves beyond just being another ordinary creative agency. We have a goal, and our philosophy is a means to achieving that goal. We believe in a blend of;

Wild ideas: Unbound possibilities
We think “outside the box” in the planning stages when coming up with marketing strategies.

Wild expressions: Pure simplicity
We embody elegant simplicity and directness in our overall creative methodology, which is reflected in our design and copy, resulting in a visual delight and an easy read for your clients.

Wild at heart: Power, speed and concentration
We seek to meet your needs in a timely fashion, planning to put all necessary resources to work on your project/campaign and to ideally get it done right every time.

Wild life: Taking the pulse of your target market
We take nothing for granted; researching their demographics, needs and subculture, so that we may craft the marketing messages to suit their lifestyles.

Our Goals

  • To help you achieve your long-term marketing, branding & profitability goals and objectives.
  • To enhance your organisation’s brand awareness by bringing our creative talent to create innovative marketing solutions.
  • To continually improve our standards and develop global delivery capabilities.
  • To become your creative agency of choice when it comes to formulating marketing strategies and tactics.


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