Internship Programme

Seeking to hone your skills and build an impressive portfolio even before graduation? Look no further than our internship programme.

Internship for students who are currently pursuing a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in:

  • Art/Design/Creative Multimedia
  • Advertising/Media
  • Mass Communications


WildAge is always on the lookout for bright students who wish to improve their creative capabilities and put their studies/training into practice! Be mentored by our experienced designers and work with the brightest people in the industry, while flexing your design skills with multinational clients in real-world projects. Understand the details of the creative industry from the inside and see what suits you best.

For a spot in our internship programme, email us telling us why you have applied and why you think we should accept you. If you’re really good, there might even be a job offer waiting for you upon graduation.

To apply

Interested to join our internship programme? email to careers[@]wildage.com.my

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