In December 2014, WildAge General Manager, Mr Low Kai Chean, paid a courtesy visit to our client MMD in Beijing, China. MMD (Multimedia Displays) is a wholly-owned company of TPV, which was established in 2009 through a brand license agreement with Philips. MMD sells Philips LCD monitors and digital signs worldwide. AOC and Philips are two of the world’s leading brands of computer monitors, with over 60 years of manufacturing and design experience. WildAge has cooperated with AOC since 2010 and in the year ahead, WildAge is delighted to continue its business relationship with AOC and Philips.

WildAge General manager present a taken of appreciation to AOC & Philips

Mr Low Kai Chean, WildAge’s General Manager (2nd from right) presents a token of appreciation to Ms Recky Yu, MMD’s Marketing Manager (2nd from left). Accompanying them are Ms Sarah Liang, Marketing Assistant Manager (1st on left) and Ms Hilda Li, Marketing Executive of Philips Monitor (1st on right).