Throughout September and October 2016, WildAge assisted Philips Monitors Malaysia in planning and organising an exciting contest where fans could catch PhilipsMons (monsters with monitors specs like Full HD, HDMI etc) to win attractive prizes. The objective of the contest was to promote the Philips E-Line and to spread awareness on Philips’ innovations and evolution.

A total of 7 interactive contests were held, each for the duration of 1 week. In each contest, participants had to catch or find hidden PhilipsMon. Different contest will have different mechanic and prize allocation is base on the contest difficulty. The prizes included: Razer Blackwidow Expert Stealth 2014 Gaming Keyboard, Philips 234E5QHSB, Razer Deathadder Chroma Mouse, Philips 247E6QDSW and Philips 284E5QHSD.

With the tagline “Philips Monitors, always evolving to be better,” the contest was a rousing success:

  • The E1 contest received 19,887 reach, 2,523 engagement and 2.3K likes.
  • The E2 contest received 4,211 reach, 621 engagement and 530 likes.
  • The E3 contest received 5,258 reach, 811 engagement and 680 likes.
  • The E4 contest received 32,860 people reach, 2,517 engagement and 2.2K likes.
  • The E5 contest received 2,431 people reach, 142 engagement and 152 likes.
  • The E6 contest received 13,441 people reach, 2,755 engagement and 2.3K likes.
  • The E7 contest received 9,969 people reach, 2,183 engagement and 2K likes.

At the end of the contest, a special Philips E-volution Facebook Contest Surprise Gift was announced. 3 contestants who have been following the whole campaign, but did not win any prizes were rewarded with a BDM3201FD monitor and Philips Monitor merchandise.