AOC joined forces with Fox once again as a promotional partner for the release of “Assassin’s Creed” The Movie in various Asia Pacific countries. WildAge was responsible for the regional interactive social media campaign, which extended from 9 December 2016 to 6 January 2017. In order to spread awareness about the movie, as well as AOC’s premiere line of gaming monitors, AGON, we developed posts that included movie trailers, fan engagement, mini games and exciting contests. In local contests, fans won tickets to the movie premiere, Assassin’s Creed game codes and AGON premiums. The highlight of the campaign was the AGON AG322FCX monitor giveaway.

A daily AG322FCX giveaway was held in Malaysia, Australia-New Zealand, Singapore and the Philippines, where participants were able to win an AGON AG322FCX monitor every day. To join, all they needed to do was watch a video, answer the questions and keep replaying to improve their scores to win! The person with the highest score (most correct answers in the fastest time) was the winner for that particular day. The contest, which began on 28 December 2016, concluded on 4 January 2017. Meanwhile, in Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand, another week-long contest was held whereby two winners were chosen to win an AG322FCX at the end of the contest.